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Patterns & Trends in Digitizing Records at Law Firms 2017 Survey Report 

Second annual market research conducted by ALM Media, sponsored by Upland Omtool. The survey consisted of asking law firm attorneys and records management and IT professionals regarding their progress and experience with digitizing records. The specific objectives were to uncover the incidence of digitizing records at law firms, details on how and where the scanning is accomplished, the disposition of records after they are scanned and the benefits they received as a result of the implementation of a digitization initiative. Learn more about the industry trends around records management when you read this executive summary report.

Racing to the Records Room: Digitizing Legal Archives

Market research shows that digitizing legal records is driven by the need to reduce costly storage fees, increase accessibility to data, and deliver more personalized experiences to clients. Learn more about this trend from industry experts, and gain insight into a clear methodology for embarking on a records scanning initiative when you read this whitepaper from Omtool and InfoTrends.

Evolving Beyond Traditional Fax in Healthcare

Traditional or analog fax technology is known as “old reliable.” It’s a relatively quick and easy means to communicate and share data. However, it’s also costly and unsecure. As Healthcare organizations continue to undergo unprecedented changes in terms of mergers and acquisitions, financial constraints, and the scrutiny of the ACA and HIPAA compliance mandates, you need a fax solution that supports the business. Fax over IP (FoIP) delivers a secure means of communication that helps you improve document-intensive workflows. Thanks to the wide deployment of voice over IP, the underlying technology is already in place to make the move from traditional fax to FoIP painless. Access this whitepaper to learn how to make the transition.

Waste and the Paper Chase

A look into the business processes surrounding document management with respect to the time, money and other resource waste that can be eliminated


Enterprise Fax Technology: Changing with the Times

Enterprise fax is no longer the ground-breaking, revolutionary technology infrastructure it once was. It has become a mature and mission-critical application to organizations of all sizes. As enterprise fax technology evolves, organizations need to adjust their approach to providing fax support to address new technology infrastructure shifts, as these can be significant and should be addressed proactively.

Streamlined Document Capture and Handling

Characteristics and Considerations of Omtool AccuRoute®