Omtool Products

Simultaneous Capture, Processing, and Delivery of Paper & Electronic Documents

Simplify Processes the Omtool way

Omtool’s solutions provide a single platform and fully integrated approach to automating and accelerating business process workflows. Tell your documents where to go and what to do when they get there.
Our expanding portfolio of technologies seamlessly integrate with virtually any multifunction peripheral (MFP), business application and/or content management system to enable organizations to streamline document-driven processes. Omtool products provide simultaneous document capture, processing, fax and delivery of paper and electronic documents to multiple destinations and multiple formats in a single process.

Gain access and control of all of your critical content throughout the document lifecycle, regardless of the format or location.

Document Capture Software

Manage Document-Centric Content with One Solution for Capture, Fax and Workflow.

The AccuRoute® platform from Omtool is the document capture, fax and workflow software solution to capture, process, deliver, and archive critical business documents. AccuRoute delivers flexible, distributed document capture out-of-the-box. Combined with a highly scalable infrastructure and configuration flexibility, AccuRoute has the ability to easily scan and manage hundreds or millions of documents per month.

Document Capture for On-the-Go Teams

Transform your smartphone or tablet into a document capture powerhouse. Not just another mobile app, AccuRoute Mobile puts the same features of AccuRoute in the palm of employees’ hands. Submit document images for scanning and processing, undertake format conversions, OCRing, create pdfs and deliver images to any destination – management systems, network file folders, printers, and more. You can capture documents and photos from your mobile device or a cloud-based repository, and deliver the packaged information where it needs to go.

Document Classification and Extraction Software

Other scanning solutions just use OCR functionality to snapshot a document – leaving the data trapped in an image. AccuRoute CX allows users to parse out information embedded in forms, creating actionable data that enables organizations to accelerate the processing time of mission-critical form-based documents. Built upon the AccuRoute capture platform, AccuRoute CX provides document classification and data extraction of forms, in addition to traditional free-form document OCR.

A Smarter, Centralized Fax Infrastructure

Enterprises worldwide still depend on fax infrastructure for the simple, reliable and quick communication of critical business information. AccuRoute Fax, built on the AccuRoute platform, digitizes fax transmissions, enabling organizations to fax-enable employees where they work – desktop, MFP or mobile device to accelerate business processes, reduce response times and improve productivity. A secure solution, AccuRoute Fax helps you uphold company information and retention policies, meet compliance requirements and risk-mitigation policies. Skip the expense and cumbersome nature of analog fax transmissions when you capitalize on the power of Fax over IP.

One Scan, Maximum Accessibility

Align capture with critical business applications to eliminate redundant data entry with Image-In Connect. Create custom processes to automatically blend data from applications, paper documents and captured images (scans) to speed up processing time and increase accessibility to information.

Effective Workflow Management from Anywhere on Your Network

Create your own quality control command center with Image-In Queue. From one interface, you can manage multiple workflows, check in real-time on the quality of scanned images, and combine data from multiple sources into a single, comprehensive document. Sidestep potential security threats, document errors and never lose track of documents when you properly manage vital business information with Image-In Queue.