About Omtool, Ltd.

Rethinking the way businesses handle document-related tasks.

Your Trusted Partner

In 1991, we pioneered the concept of document capture software. Our foundation is rooted in the belief that innovation fuels the delivery of exceptional user experiences. At Omtool, we create powerful solutions that give teams the tools they need to support business initiatives, now and into the future. Backed by hundreds of organizations worldwide, with an extensive network of partners, we continue to lead the way in turning document-intensive processes into a competitive advantage. Omtool solutions combine capture, scalability and connectivity to unify processes in a cost effective manner.

Our team takes pride in creating products that are easy to use and adaptable enough to fit the needs of any organization. From our start, our mission continues to be the trusted partner in document capture, fax and routing software.

US Corporate Headquarters

Andover, MA USA


International Headquarters

London, United Kingdom


A History of Innovation

1991—Omtool founded

2003—Birth of AccuRoute

First Major AccuRoute Expansion

2006—Acquired BlueChip Technologies

2013—Release of AccuRoute Mobile

2015—Release of AccuRoute CX