Solutions for Legal Teams

Improve efficiency by streamlining workflows and digitizing paper records.

Effective Document Process Management

Legal teams everywhere are looking to more effectively manage their paper processes. Omtool’s AccuRoute® allows each firm to decide the best practice for their firm’s environment. From batch scanning records for storage consolidation, to improved handling of sensitive IP documents, to digitizing the mail room, and on-demand capture at the desktop or mobile device, AccuRoute has the tools for what any firm is looking to accomplish.


Legal Solutions Highlights

  • Improved document accessibility save time and shorten discovery cycles by having files readily accessible in digital format
  • Empower law firms of any size to engage in anywhere, anytime document capture, faxing and scanning for attorneys on-the-go
  • Simplify legal’s most common workflows, improve productivity and accelerate document-driven processes
  • Handle both paper and electronic documents, with a secure, integrated and easy-to-use software
  • Manage sensitive intellectual property while maintaining high levels of document integrity and security
  • Centralize information into one matter file by compiling documents from various sources into folders or document sets
  • Reduce costs by avoiding unecessary document pulling, courier services, and return-to-storage fees
  • Never lose track of your documents, through extensive tracking, logging, and archiving
  • Increase security let only approved users access content and do specific tasks through user-based permissions

Related Solutions

Records Scanning—take your records department digital, cut unnecessary document-related costs, and increase accessibility for your employees to benefit business processes and better serve your clients.

IP Documents Handling—get intellectual property documents into the hands of your legal team faster, automate your forms processing to increase throughput and reduce overall errors, and improve reporting and tracking.

Vendor Invoice Processing—dealing with invoices can be a hassle, acquiring signatures and filing into legal financial systems can be tedious, through automation you can capture metadata as well as an image file for each invoice to send off for approval.

Electronic Court Filing—comply with current court system standards, convert any document from paper to electronic, while increasing your ability to format, size and distribute pertinent documents.

On-Demand Capture—reduce the office runaround and increase productivity, give your employees the ability to capture, format and route important documents anytime, anywhere.

Other Related Solutions:
  • Case Information Collection and Management – eliminate unnecessary paper, excessive copies, and courier and storage costs by automating document-intensive processes. Capture and store case-related documents so they’re readily available electronically in your case management system or other destination you desire, so you know exactly where your document-centric case files are.
  • Cost Recovery -automate document processes to eliminate unnecessary paper and processing time while also tying the cost recovery and tracking features of popular systems such as Copitrak®, Equitrac®, and nQueue Billback with document capture, conversion, and delivery services.
  • Mailroom Automation– create a digital mail room by automating workflows to quickly deliver mail to where it needs to go. Omtool AccuRoute captures and immediately delivers postal mail in electronic format and sends it to multiple recipients – all in a single, streamlined workflow. You can even create and save predefined distributions.
  • Litigation Support– gain quick access to documents and respond to the needs of clients, courts, and opposing counsel. Omtool AccuRoute lets you import content into specialized systems like LexisNexis Concordance®, CT Summation, and FTI® Ringtail™ Legal. Best of all, AccuRoute streamlines operations and protects the confidentiality of these sensitive documents.

Related Services

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Solution Briefs:
Case Studies:

Jackson Walker

They reduced onsite file storage by 80% in one location, enhanced firm-wide productivity and collaboration, and are marching toward the goal of being fully “paper light” by late 2018. They managed this project through the integration of document capture and document management solutions provided by Omtool and iManage. View Case Study

Post and Schell

Post and Schell launched their paperLESS scanning initiative using Omtool’s AccuRoute to achieve more mobile, efficient workflow for their attorneys. Thanks to the integration with iManage FileSite, they were able to reduce their paper storage by 75% and streamline the handling of incoming mail by creating a digital mailroom. View Case Study

Taylor Wessing LLP

Achieved a first-year payback and significantly reduced storage and real estate space, resulting in more than $1 million of savings. View Case Study

Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.

Transformed the Trusts & Estates Department by implementing a records scanning initiative. They dramatically improved the efficiency of the practice and elevated the client experience within this department.   View Case Study

Sunstein, Kann, Murphy & Timbers LLP

Reduced the amount of time processing documents. Implemented the solution firm-wide so that information was immediately and securely available wherever the attorney is. This improved document accessibility, increased user productivity, and created greater flexibility at the desktop. View Case Study

Northeast US Public Defenders Office

With the help of Omtool, the CHU will be able to increase their productivity and improve their response times through the use of pre-defined document workflows. View Case Study