Omtool Solutions

Whether Enterprise or Industry-Specific, Omtool Solutions Deliver

Industry and Enterprise Solutions

Omtool is a provider of document capture solutions that automate document-driven workflows and streamline business processes. Omtool offers an all-in-one software platform for organizations representing a wide variety of industries, that meet the need for enterprise-class capture and fax solutions that are scalable, interoperable, reliable, highly-distributed, extensible and easy to use.

Industry Solutions

Omtool is a trusted provider of document capture, routing and fax solutions to legal, financial and healthcare organizations. They help control complex business processes and manage information-intensive documents, while allowing them to stay competitive and adjust to fluctuating needs of clients, markets and patients. With Omtool, organizations are able to capture information as soon as it is available and route it quickly and more efficiently to its final destination. Through a single, highly scalable platform, they streamline document-intensive processes to enable faster service and better customer communications – anytime, anywhere. Omtool solutions provide greater visibility and accessibility to content, help tighten process controls and accelerate processing time – all the while reducing overall costs to the organization.

Enterprise Solutions

Omtool helps organizations worldwide build streamlined solutions for paperless branch operations, compliant communications, business continuity and disaster recovery, contract management, inter-office communications, forms automation, compliant document capture & fax, accounts payable, HR onboarding, and fax consolidation. These solutions are designed to take advantage of advancements in information capture, process management, analytics and mobile capabilities to speed processing, improve engagement, reduce costs, and deliver a competitive edge. Discover how our proven solutions can transform and enhance document-intensive business process workflows while providing greater visibility and control.