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Scanning The Records Room: The Final Frontier In Going Paperless

Many of today’s law firms go to great lengths to be paperless in their daily operations. Incoming mail is scanned upon arrival. Electronic document management systems (DMSs) neatly store files in organized, searchable repositories, bringing even unruly emails and their attachments into the fold. Most of a law firm’s documents are generated via computer, leaving no paper footprint unless the user hits “print.”

ILTA Roadshow: Reinventing Document Capture and Workflow Solutions

Listen to this podcast from Ari Kaplan, Reinventing Professionals. This interview includes a discussion about how law firms are adapting to an increasingly digital environment, the factors prompting them to shift, what the future holds for law firms interested in conquering the records room, and Omtool’s ILTA Roadshow, among other topics. Interviewees from Omtool included Karen Cummings, the Executive Vice President of Sales and Marketing, and Denise Meyer, the Director of Marketing Communications.