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Implementing a new document capture software platform can be transformative to the business. Through our solutions and strong partnerships with some of the world’s leading MFP providers, we’ve helped thousands of companies around the world streamline their document-intensive processes. Learn how organizations in all industries capitalized on their investment in Omtool solutions to benefit their employees and customers – all while helping their bottom line. Read our latest case studies.

Financial Services

Worldwide Investment Bank

Implemented end-to-end communications system to conform to SEC17(a) and increase user productivity. The IT and compliance team was applauded by the SEC for its implementation.

Global Financial Services Firm

Streamlined document capture and document processes for more than 100,000 employees in different departments in more than 3,000 offices around the world. This lowered the firm’s operating costs, increased productivity, and created a level of corporate compliance.

Global Accounting Firm

Implemented Omtool solution within six weeks to capture and process tax documents on more than 1,000 MFPs in 28 offices. This provided greater user functionality and accelerated document-centric process in the firm.


Taylor Wessing LLP

Achieved a first-year payback and significantly reduced storage and real estate space, resulting in more than $1 million of savings.

Sunstein, Kann, Murphy & Timbers LLP

Reduced the amount of time processing documents. Implemented the solution firm-wide so that information was immediately and securely available wherever the attorney is. This improved document accessibility, increased user productivity, and created greater flexibility at the desktop.

Shulman, Rogers, Gandal, Pordy & Ecker, P.A.

Transformed the Trusts & Estates Department by implementing a records scanning initiative. They dramatically improved the efficiency of the practice and elevated the client experience within this department. This proactive records scanning project has saved the firm countless non-billable hours, thanks to having records available in a fully searchable, and easily accessible central repository.

Jackson Walker 

As published in Cybersecurity Law & Strategy, read how Jackson Walker forged ahead in an ambitious quest to permanently replace the paper file. They reduced onsite file storage by 80% in just one location, enhanced firm-wide productivity and collaboration, and are marching toward the goal of being fully “paper light” by late 2018. Read about how they managed this project, through the integration of document capture and document management solutions provided by Omtool and iManage.

Nixon Peabody, LLP

Started a green initiative with Omtool that resulted in enterprise-class document capture and a 30-plus percent increase in user productivity. This also helped docketing managers easily get information from documents into the docket system.

Young Conaway Stargatt & Taylor, LLP

Young Conaway was implementing virtualization firm-wide and needed to replace its incumbent fax provider with a Fax over IP (FoIP) solution that integrated to its Voice over IP system. Read how they leveraged Omtool software to establish a FoIP integrated capture solution to help their paper storage reduction initiative.

Post and Schell 

As published in Legal IT Insider, read how Post and Schell launched paperLESS scanning initiatives using Omtool’s AccuRoute to achieve more mobile, efficient workflow for their attorneys. Thanks to the integration with iManage FileSite, they were able to reduce their paper storage by 75% and streamline the handling of incoming mail by creating a digital mailroom.


Global 100 Company

Leveraged their large-scale MFP deployment and current fax infrastructure using Omtool AccuRoute for all fax communications. The client saved millions of dollars in the first year by reducing fax lines while addressing all of its corporate governance concerns.

Northeast US Public Defenders Office

Increased productivity and improved response times through predefined document workflows. The Omtool solution allowed for scanned documents to be sent directly to the CT Summation litigation support system, where they could be immediately profiled, indexed, stored in a unified format, and later searched and retrieved.