Image-In Queue

Manage Document, and Data, Accuracy as You Never Have Before

Quality Control Command Center

Human intervention is integral for document validity in an automated process. Document deficiencies range from page disorganization and signature acquisition, to human error in the original routing that could derail the proper workflow of the document.  Making sure that these potential threats to document accuracy are managed properly is vital for many businesses that are heavily dependent on documented information. When a scanned document must be managed in a workflow queue or a newly received fax must be tracked and re-routed, Image-In Queue will make it easy.

One Scan, Maximum Accessibility

  • Assure security and confidentiality
  • Allow human intervention to find document deficiencies
  • Centralize information by compiling documents from various sources into folders or document sets
  • Manage multiple workflows from a single interface
  • Combine multiple related documents or faxes into a single, comprehensive document
  • Never lose track of your documents, through extensive tracking, logging, and archiving

Image-In Queue Resource Library

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