Image-In Connect

One Scan, Maximum Accessibility

Align Capture with Critical Business Applications

Omtool’s Image-In Connect software enables the seamless integration of paper and electronic documents with mission critical applications that are already in use by your organization. Image-In Connect automates image-centric document processing without costly customizations, creating a powerful, tightly integrated solution that empowers users to scan, upload and view their documents – without having to leave the interface of other core business applications.

One Scan, Maximum Accessibility

Eliminate redundant data entry. With Image-in Connect, custom processes can be created to automatically blend data from applications, paper documents and captured images (scans) to speed up processing time and increase accessibility to information.

Image-In Connect Resource Library

Are you looking for a more in-depth overview of the AccuRoute Document Capture Platform? Take advantage of the documents provided below—you will find detailed product features, technical specifications, and supporting data written and presented for both the end-user and the decision-makers.