AccuRoute CX

AccuRoute CX Will Change Your Workflow Forever

Form Data Parsed & Optimized—Believe It!

Other scanning solutions just use OCR functionality to snapshot a document – leaving the data trapped in an image. AccuRoute CX allows users to parse out information embedded in forms, creating actionable data that enables organizations to accelerate the processing time of mission-critical form-based documents. Built upon the AccuRoute platform, AccuRoute CX provides document classification and data extraction of forms, in addition to traditional free-form document OCR.

If Each Image is Worth 1,000 Words…

AccuRoute CX classifies document images by the form type and then when information needs to be extracted, it provides automated capture and validation of field-level data elements. The resulting document images and document sets are assembled and automatically routed based on the document type and capture of metadata fields as part of the document workflow. These my be delivered to line-of-business applications for further processing, content management systems or databases for storage or other destinations defined to align with your current business processes.Together with Omtool’s Image-In™ Queue, AccuRoute CX becomes a document imaging solution that enables organizations to perform additional document assembly, data review and manipulation, or simply execute a final image quality

AccuRoute CX Empowers Your Organization to:

  • Process incoming documents, in either image (scan, fax) or electronic format
  • Classify/identify documents into proper document types
  • Extract values for specified data elements and map those values to AccuRoute job properties for the documents classified
  • Create exception handling opportunities for those documents not identified
  • Allow for manual approval of document image quality as well as confidence of data extracted
  • Enable straight-through processing where confidence is high and manual intervention is not required for specific document processes
  • Assemble documents into documents sets for further processing as they are received from varying locations and potentially at different times
  • Processing medical claims and managing patient records

AccuRoute® CX Resource Library

Are you looking for a more in-depth overview of the AccuRoute Document Capture Platform? Take advantage of the documents provided below—you will find detailed product features, technical specifications, and supporting data written and presented for both the end-user and the decision-makers.