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Robust Document Workflow Management Software

Future-proof your document workflows

Simplify your document-centric processes without time-consuming, expensive implementation cycles. AccuRoute CX is an enterprise-class document workflow solution that is aimed at automating typical department and cross department business processes and enabling effective task, data and document management within a fully collaborative work environment.

Omtool’s Process & Management Product Suite


Centralize and Manage Document-Centric Content on a Single Platform.

Looking for a document workflow solution that is agile and flexible enough to allow workflow changes “on the fly”? AccuRoute CX enables full Data Management and Security & Administration capabilities with configurable access rights. For third party system integration, Omtool provides API’s and out-of-the-box integrations for complete document process automation.

Complete document process automation within an enterprise requires integration and capture of images with a company’s ERP or CRM system, or other line-of-business (LOB) application. For some document workflows, manual intervention may be required to facilitate and approve processing of visual elements. In support of these requirements, Omtool builds upon the AccuRoute platform to deliver its Image-In™ workflow management applications – Image-In Connect and Image-In Queue

ImageIn Connect

One Scan, Maximum Accessibility

Image-In Connect helps you eliminate inefficient parallel processes when trying to capture, save and process images that tie to records. With Image-In Connect, users can easily capture and link both hard copy and electronic document images, and seamlessly access previously captured material all without leaving their business application. Out-of-the-box, Image-In Connect eliminates the need for duplicate data entry, or changes to the native business application.

ImageIn Queue

Effective Workflow Management from Anywhere on Your Network

Image-In Queue helps you manage and fine tune document queues, and lets users manage in-process documents that require manual intervention or external system access to address deficiencies and exceptions (such as missing information or signatures). Traditionally, managing business processes meant creating multiple copies of documents and creating inefficient manual processes for tracking the documents, their required data collection, approval and signatures. With Image-In Queue, users can easily capture the documents and efficiently manage the entire process electronically.