Racing to the Records Room—the Digitization of Law Firms

Wednesday, March 23 at 1:30pm EST – Recording Now Available

Based on recent research, the trend toward digitizing legal records is driven by the need to reduce costly storage fees, increase accessibility to data, and deliver more personalized experiences to clients. In this one hour webinar, we will explore the patterns and trends in digitizing client records, and discuss what legal professionals need to do to tackle the records room.

Hosted by Omtool and presented by Karen Cummings, Executive Vice President at Omtool in conjunction with Anne Valaitis, Director, InfoTrends, the session will detail a clear methodology for embarking on a records scanning initiative. Better processes for addressing this final frontier in moving toward a “less-paper” firm will also be explored.

When & Where?

WHEN: Wednesday, March 23rd, 2016

WHERE: Online Webinar

PRESENTERS/GUEST SPEAKERS: Karen Cummings, Executive Vice President at Omtool

Anne Valaitis, Director, InfoTrends

Registration is Closed

Attendees Will Learn:

  • The top four reasons why law firms are revisiting the records room
  • How to overcome the challenges of digitization
  • The five greatest benefits of digitizing legal documents
  • The top features to look for in a records scanning solution

Additional Take Aways:

The presentation will conclude with Q & A. Participants will receive a complimentary copy of the whitepaper, “Racing to the Records Room – Digitizing Legal Archives.”